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Mar 4, Answer: Read below Explanation: A counter-argument is an additional point which goes against the previous point of a certain question. Some examples of counter-argument sentence starters are This would be in terms of discussing an issue or idea in an exam type question or situation. In terms of a persuasive speech you could start off with: "Some people often think that Related questions How do I determine the molecular shape of a molecule?

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What is the lewis structure for co2? I will try to take a look at some stage in the next few weeks. Thank you Pauline. My test is on September 7,so I would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback whenever you can. By the way, I have only 1 writing, not 3. Hi Pauline, There is a very helpful discussion about position in your book, but after reading the writing chapter several times I still cannot fully understand the difference between a relevant position in band 6 and a clear position in band 7?

In what ways are they different and what determines this difference? Thank you so much for your support. Hello Pauline. I have a question about speaking, is it important that the information I give in my speaking is factually true? For example if I say that my favourite city to visit is Tokyo because of the Eiffel tower and the Pyramids.

So will I lose marks for this, and if so in which speaking criteria will I lose marks? Thanks a lot. I talk there about the problems with giving invented information like this. You can find the link to the free book on my website. Thank you for taking the time to help us. Is this true that? Because I took the test today and in my task 2 it was written write at least words. Can you tell me what the rule is? When it is no longer written on the page, then it will be a reality.

It is only skilled native speakers who can generally answer fully in less than the recommended number of words. I intend to continue advising people to aim for a minimum of words and not much more than if possible. So this change has not yet implemented?

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Others argue that it is better to try and improve such situations. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. In this topic there are 2 examples for what it means by accepting a bad situation. Should a stick to those examples or can I think of another bad situation?

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If it is okay to think of another bad situation, should it be related to money like the examples or can it be for instance losing a loved one? Because in the second part of the question it says it is better to improve the bad situation, but a bad situation such as losing a loved one cannot be improved.

Thank you for your support. It is fine to come up with your own types of bad situation, but I would avoid talking about losing a loved one for the reasons I have mentioned. You could use it as just one example of a case where not all bad situations can be improved on, but I do think the question is really asking you to talk about situations where you can make the choice to act or not to act, so this would not be a main point of a paragraph. When you are given one statement with one viewpoint that you completely agree with and… 1. As you have mentioned when it comes to the third case, which I have rewritten above, the candidates who are band 8 or 9 could write a counter-argument.

Therefore, I would like to know what means the third case exactly. Would you please give some examples? Actually, you have changed what I said. Hi Pauline, So how about when I am given a question with only one viewpoint and I completely agree with it, is it possible to achieve an 8 or 9 without mentioning a counterargument or is counterargument a must for higher scores in these questions? I talk in terms of what is generally true — with skilled native speaker writers, there is always a possibility that they can break rules and still achieve the main aim of the question.

If you read the bottom of the post, I give all of the times when a counterargument is used and one of these is exactly what you describe here. Thank you very much Pauline, so is this a rule that we MUST use a counterargument in the situations that you have described at the bottom of your post in order to score 8 or above? Hi Pauline, Thank you for this wonderful post. I have read the samples that you have written for the topic of recycling from Cambridge book 11, in the version that you said you completely disagree, you first mentioned the reasons why people do not recycle their domestic waste lack of time, confusion and in the next paragraph you concluded that if these are the reasons, making it a legal requirement does not work, and instead we should make the process simpler and also educate the people.

But here in the post you have said that writing a counter-argument is what candidates at bands 8 or 9 will do. The other point that has confused me is that I took the test 4 weeks ago, and before I took the test IDP arranged an online webinar with an IELTS examiner for those who had registered for the test. I asked the examiner if a counter-argument is needed for bands 8 or 9, and she said the exact words as you did, she said that it is possible to EVEN achieve a 9 without writing a counter-argument, and that candidates at band 7 do not need to do it AT ALL, but only those at bands 8 or 9 can do it well.

And she also said that if candidates at lower bands attempt to do it, they may fail to do it well and this might affect their score negatively. So my question is, as I saw in your sample and according to the examiner and also my friend, it is not necessary to include a counter-argument for band 8 when the question asks to what extent do you agree or disagree? Thanks so much for your support. I completely. If you want to ignore the advice of the examiner, and myself, and the IDP course you took, and instead follow a comment made by someone else, that is entirely your choice.

Just understand that candidates are not experts on why they achieved the score they did.


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Your friend is giving you their own opinion about what they wrote and how they achieved their score, you are both drawing a conclusion about counterarguments from that. It is absolutely up to you if you want to do that, but my advice will continue to be the same. Hello again, Thank you for the comment, I think you misunderstood what I meant. So I think all these what you have done in your sample, what the examiner said, and what my friend did in her test show that a counter-argument is optional and not necessary even for bands 8 or 9, am I right in thinking that? Hi Armin The only reason you can find a post about counterarguments on my website or anywhere in my books is because people outside of the test keep on bringing it up.

People want to pin down writing to make it into a science, when in fact this is not possible. I talk about counterarguments not because they are essential but because someone I do not know who has made them into a confusing and controversial issue. This post was written because of the many questions I was being asked about it, not because I felt it was important.


A counterargument is just one way of making a point, it is not always essential, but many people believe that it is and so attempt to make one in their essay. In doing so, they create problems for themselves. My problem is that, as you see here, when trying to help those who have trained themselves to think about counterarguments and to make the ideas clear, there will always be someone who tried to find an example when the advice does not fit.

Writing is a skill — it is both science and art and cannot be pinned down to absolute rules. There are questions when you MUST discuss the counterargument see the post and there are also times when you CAN discuss a counterargument. With the recycling model answers, I wrote those around 3 years ago and did not memorise them so I do not know whether I included a counterargument or not.

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Can you send me a link to the essay you are referring to? But with the explanation that you gave I now understand why you have written this post. By the way, I saw the recycling model answer on your facebook page and I saved the image. Thanks again for clarifying the point, it was a great help. No problem! Is it different from being off-topic? Thank you for your help. Thank you, but it sounds strange, you mean if a candidate writes about a completely different topic, they can still get a 4 for task response?

The question gives you a very specific issue to discuss, at band 4, either through misunderstanding or through an inability to discuss the issue, a candidate may aim to write words but, in doing so, will move away from the original issue so much that it seems unrelated.

This is not the same as, for example, writing about fashion when you are given a topic about traffic. It is closer to being given a topic about traffic but going on to write about pollutions caused by planes. Thank you so much, I understand. I also have a question about speaking descriptors.

In speaking we have fluency and coherence and there is no mention of cohesion, can you tell me if coherence in speaking is the same as coherence in writing and why is cohesion not mentioned in the descriptors for speaking? Thank you so much.

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I have had this question for many years but I have never found the answer. One of my knowledgeable trainers always says that grammar and vocabulary should always be used to help develop a position. So my question is whether we should rate grammar on its own based on how grammatically correct and varied the sentences are or should we assess grammar on the basis of how much it helps the task response and the development of ideas?

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Thank you so much for your help. The main issue for me would be where this band 8 level grammar comes from if the Task response and coherence and cohesion are lacking. Could you send me an example? If you can send me an example id be happy to try and be more helpful. Hi Pauline, I have a question about the band descriptors for task 2. In the descriptors for band 7 it is written that supporting ideas may lack focus, what does it mean by supporting ideas, and more importantly what does lack focus mean?

Can you give an example to help me understand it better?