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Good ethics creates a background for the social responsibilities and this combination lays a foundation for the social marketing of the business. Unethical behaviors either by the employee or a company executive will have the impact passed on to the rest of the company Trevino, This may affect the corporate social responsibility of the company forcing it to re strategize.

For example, if the money that was to be used for charity is embezzled from the company, the company might fall into a crisis. The company would be left with no choice but to find another source of income for the money meant for charity. The management can also pull out of the charity which would not be very advisable move since the company can face public scrutiny. The last option would be to offer a less amount of money than the one promised.

Corporate social responsibility elaborates on the need for having a code of ethics in every business or company. This is the easiest of monitoring workers and ensuring that they adhere to the set rules. The rules should be set in a way that they favor both sides, the company and also the employees.

Business Ethics And Social Responsibility

The set code of conduct should not favor one side and oppress the other since this would be unfair. However, some critics argue that, in a business, there is no need for a code of conduct. Even though the rules are there, people are always meant to break them; therefore, there is no need for the conduct. However, this is not true, and research shows that workers behave unethically more when there are no rules compared to when there are rules.

To counter the unethical organizational behaviors, a business or company needs a unitary approach. The workers must work together with management to try and fight this vice. Strong leadership alone is weak in the battle against unethical behaviors and can, therefore, not be very successful King, Another approach that would also be fruitful is the integration of all cultures and nationalities in the company. The second approach happens to be very tricky since people of different races have differing beliefs and traditions.

Therefore, to satisfy all these needs would require diversity and it might take time before everyone feels satisfied. However, if the company puts its best foot forward, this might derail employees from engaging in unethical organizational behaviors. In conclusion, unethical organizational behavior and corporate social responsibility are two general components in a business.

The two components are un-avoidable, and all businesses or corporations should learn how to deal with them. Corporate social responsibility is a virtue that every business should adopt. It brings about the rise in capital, reduction in costs and other significant advantages that have been discussed above. On the other hand, unethical organizational behavior is a vice which businesses or companies should try to fight Hawkins, This is because the vice has a lot of consequences that could end up harming the business.

Since unethical behaviors are unavoidable, companies should have penalties meant to deal with those who engage in such acts. Businesses are advised to set a code of conduct to avoid the employees getting themselves in unethical behaviors. Communication between the employees and the company management can also help avoid unethical behaviors.

This is because if the employees have a place to raise their issues without the fear of losing their jobs, then the unethical behaviors can hopefully be reduced. Crowther, D. Corporate social responsibility. Frederiksberg, Denmark: BookBoon. Gilliland, S. Managing social and ethical issues in organizations.

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Procter & Gamble’s corporate social responsibility strategy

Westport, Conn. Trevino, L. Managing ethics in business organizations: Social scientific perspectives. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Business Books.

Being responsible can be described as a learned behavior, it is not an accident and it requires both effort and patience. After finishing college, there is a need to have self-management and this will eventually lead to one being more responsible and thinking more about what to do with his or her life. Life begins after college, this is where the realities of life start kicking in and one realizes that he or she has become an adult.

At this time, there is a need to have effective skills in order to navigate the challenge that is life. These set of skills include patience, diligence and perseverance. These three set of skills are imperative to any person that wishes to be responsible in life. One should be able to understand that he or she has to find a way to be truthful and honest while at the same time pursuing what he or she wants.

Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility

Personal responsibility starts with one understanding what he or she is and what he or she should do in order to be satisfied in life. This realization is extremely important for any person that wants to be personally responsible. It is also of essence to take a keen interest in what a person does especially in respect to financial obligations, and other life obligations.

Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay

One needs to have a plan by which he or she can abide closely and be able to pay his or her bills promptly in order to lead a comfortable lifestyle. I intend to be a personally responsible person after college.

This I will accomplish by knowing more about myself and knowing more about my limits, weaknesses and strengths. From this point, I will be able to build my life on my strengths, and minimize my weaknesses. In this way, I will be able to move on with my life on a point of strength rather than a point of weakness and this will ultimately lead to me being more personally responsible for my life. Another aspect of being personally responsible is being able to maintain personal relations with other significant others in life.

This includes family, friends and even workmates Lawlor, This will eventually lead to one being respected by almost everyone. It is important to understand that respect is earned and not demanded. A person that is respected in many cases in the society is often a responsible person. Lastly, in order to be personally responsible, one should be principled and follow his or her life principles.

"Essays in Corporate Responsibility and Finance" by Mert Demir

Being a principled a person is important as one is not swayed by peer pressure as well as other negative behaviors that one acquires because of not being principled in life. This will ensure that one is able to get the full satisfaction of life after college. I have been practicing patience in college in order to help me navigate through my life after college. I have come to understand that responsibility sometimes means that one has to be patient in his or her doings Lawlor, Greed is the epitome of destruction and if one wants to be responsible, greed should be struck out of his or her mind.

Definition of corporate social responsibility

There are several goals that I have set that I want to achieve after college. First of all and most importantly, I want to be a person who can be relied on.

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Be it my friends, family, or even relatives, I want to be the person that they can count on.