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Hazman, Wan Nur Hajidah W Mohd Factors influencing caesarean section delivery in women with one previous lower segment caesarean section. Elejla, Omar E. Amtered El-Abidi. Zainuddin , Nur Adlina Molecular detection of respiratory viruses among Kelantanese hajj pilgrims. Ee, Chan Shiao Development of a dna-based method for simultaneous detection of acinetobacter baumannii, antimicrobial resistance genes and its genotypes by dna fingerprinting.

Abdo Qaid , Entesar Yaseen Neuroprotective effects of tualang honey in male rats exposed to normobaric hypoxia. Azalee, Mastura Explorations of Kelantanese women's experiences of crime victimisation and their perceptions on post-crime healthcare needs. Azman , Amy Shafinas Epha2 sirna silencing on malignant glioma cells. Zamry , Anes Ateqah Interaction of silica colloid and iron oxide nanoparticles with mice bone marrow derived-dendritic cells.

Mansor, Mohd. Petani, Kedah. Kumar , Kishore Effects of low level laser therapy on the gingival and periodontal tissues in orthodontic patients. Joo, Lim Chien Validation of Malay version body self-image questionnaire among Malaysia's young adults.

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Khaw, Jasmina Yen Min Bootstrapping Kelantan and Sarawak Malay dialect models on text and phonetic analyses in text-to-speech system. Abu Hassan, Mohd. Zainon, Nor Faezah The profiles of dizzy patients in emergency department, hospital universiti sains malaysia husm : a retrospective stud. Abd Hamid, Abdul Alif Heavy metal profiling of hair and nail samples among the traffic police personnel. Elahi , Asrar Evaluation of human amniotic membrane as a scaffold for periodontal tissue engineering: an in vitro study.

Nor Nazli , Nurul Atikah Effects of hypoxia exposure on human hippocampal astrocytes cultures. Govindasamy , Chandran The effects of antihypertensive drugs and antioxidant supplement on the development and progression of hypertension, renal oxidative stress and damage in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Ghazali, Mazira Mohamad Correlations between ischaemic cerebral white matter change and the neurocognitive profiles in apparently asymptomatic individuals. Yeo, Nor Aqilah Mohd Yusuf Effects of centella asiatica extract on learning and memory of adolescent rats. Woo, Yian Peen A computational study on multiple perforated hollow circular section. Md Said , Haslinda A comparison of the clinical and antibacterial effects between tualang honey and manuka honey as adjunctive treatment in pseudomonas keratitis in rabbit eyes.

Penny Tevaraj , Jessica Mani A comparative study on optic nerve function, retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and vep pre and 3 months post treatment with ethambutol in tuberculosis patients. Fazil, Ahmad Psychological distress and its relation to coping strategies among firefighters and civil defence force involved in the massive flood disaster in Kelantan. Ab Shukor, Nor Farawaheeda Evaluation of postural control among diabetes mellitus patient using gans sop test.

Syed Ahmad, Syarifah Nurul Athira Determination of normative value for gans sop test by using bal ex foam among normal adult: preliminary study. Padzil, Mohammad Hazizi Bersih 2. Razali, Ahmad Abdul Jalil Mohd Parental stress and its associated factors among parents of autism spectrum disorder children in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Zun , Ahmad Badruridzwanullah The service quality dimension and level of satisfaction among patients attending 1 malaysia clinic in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Shushami , Ahmad Hanis Ahmad Prevalence and associated factor for positive chest x-ray during tuberculosis screening among high risk groups in Kedah.

Ibrahim , Asma Abolgasim Elmahdi Intraventricular haemorrhage: prevalence and risk factors in babies born with gestational age less than 32 weeks in Malaysian national neonatal registry. Yusoff, Mohd Zawawi Forensic profiling of heroin seized from northern region of Malaysia.

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Subki, Noor Syuhadah Environmental contamination by batik wastewater and the potential application of activated carbon from pineapple waste for wastewater treatment. Harun, Nini Shuhaida Mat Psychosocial associated factors for glycaemic control among type two diabetes mellitus patients in Kuala Terengganu. Usmahm13 And Its Characterization. Dharmalingam, T. Kumaravadivel The psychosocial needs of next of kin of ventilated patients admitted to intensive care unit, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Mahmood, Wan Noor Najihah Wan The sugary added food and beverages consumption and its association with the nutritional status of children age years old in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Masters thesis, Pusat Pengajian Sains Kesihatan. Kadir , Nur Ayuni Immunogenicity of recombinant mycobacterium smegmatis expressing antigen 85b epitopes as a potential tuberculosis vaccine candidate.

Al Qabbani , Ali Abdul Qader Hameed Socket preservation using bovine bone with and without dental implant placement. Mohammed , Almarri Faraj Differences in the chromatic visual event related potentials in number and non-number plates of the ishihara colour vision test. Mohammad, Sabah M. Che Dah , Farhana Kandungan nutrien dan analisis sensori dalam empat masakan berasaskan daging landak dan rusa. Lim Wei Ting , Fiona Assessment of weight gain and its association with dietary intake, physical activities and sociodemographic factors among pregnant women in bachok district, Kelantan.

Hasan , Hayder Abbas Metabolic syndrome and its relationships with adiponectin, vitamin d and physical activity amongadults in an institute of higher learning in the United Arab Emirates. Han, Ng Sze Dietary fibre-rich oyster mushroom pleurotus sajor-caju powder as food ingredient and its application in developing low-glycaemic biscuit.

Engku Abd Rahman , Engku Nur Syafirah Development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for sensitive and rapid detection of toxigenic vibrio cholerae.

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Husain, Nik Rosmawati Nik The effectiveness of food safety and nutrition training programme on the preparation of safe and healthy food among handlers at primary school canteen in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Yiqiang , Guo Quality of life and illness experiences among metastatic breast cancer women undergoing chemotherapy in Beijing: a mixed methods study. Zwain, Akram M. Yahaya, Siti Nasrina Psychological status and well being among emergency medical officers in hospitals in Malaysia.

Radin Salamat , Afiqah A bit pseudo-differential current-source resistor-string hybrid digital-to-analogue converter with low pass rc filter. Khoo , Boon Hee A 1.

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Ani, Amira Aishah Che The knowledge of paeditrics post operative pain management among trainees in anaesthesiology in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Hasan, Hasnurul Juma'ah The effect of symphysio-fundal height measurement in detecting macrosomia and predicting shoulder dystocia in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru. Chong , Foo Phiaw Development of a thermostabilised multiplex lamp-ict-dna biosensor for rapid detection of entamoeba histolytica and non-pathogenic entamoeba species.

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Hidrus , Aizuddin Validation of malay version of sport courage scale and athletic coping skills inventory among silat athletes in Malaysia. Mohamed , Dahlia Predictive factors of trans-arterial chemoembolization tace efficacy for hepatocellular carcinoma in arterial phase computed tomographic scan. Ab Rahman , Husna Shakirah Potential of anti-tumorigenicity and anti-metastasis of annona muricata soursop leaves on mcf-7 and mda-mb breast cancer cells line. Koh, Chin Hong The association between chronic severe pain and neuroticism personality trait among patients on methadone maintenance therapy in Alor Star, Kedah.

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Lee, Kok Tong Stop-bang score and mandibulohyoid distance in prediction of difficult airway in patients who come for elective surgery requiring endotracheal intubation in Hospital USM. Mangat, Manvinder Singh A shunt dependency outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in the management of obstructive hydrocephalus. Jusoh, Mardhiah A retrospective study of outcome of severe traumatic brain injury among adult patients in Emergency Department Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Mohamad, Mazwan The retrospective study of cost analysis and short term outcome of laparoscopic and open anterior resection performed in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Ghazali, Mohd Firdaus A correlation study of cytopathology and histopathology and the associated risk for malignancy thyroid nodule.

Sidek, Mohd Syahiran Mohd Teleneurosurgery : outcome of mild head injury patients managed in non-neurosurgical center in the state of Johor. Jamial, Muazah Mat Home blood pressure monitoring HBPM effect on office blood pressure and medication adherence among hypertensive patients attending primary care clinic in university hospital. Vien, Ng Vi Validation of the Malay version self-efficacy questionnaire for school situations and structural relationship between demographic profiles and levels of self-efficacy among early adolescents in primary schools, Kota Bharu.

Lah, Nik Amin Sahid Nik A prospective double-blinded randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of haruan channa striatus spray on clean wounds. Rahman, Nik Hisamuddin Nik Ab. Seong, Niven Teh Chong Effect of cigarette smoking and physical activity on the severity of primary angle closure glaucoma in Malay patients. Talib, Norain Association between ankle-brachial systolic index, pulse oximetry gradient index and CT angiogram of lower limb among type 2 diabetic for detecting peripheral arterial disease.

Naiem, Norazila Cognitive dysfunction among epilepsy patients and its associated factors. Fakri, Azimah Role of calcium phosphate product in maturation and patency of native arteriovenous fistula in end stage renal disease patients in Kelantan.

Ja'afar, Anis Amira Potential coagulation factor changes affecting male regular whole blood donors. Idris, Anuar Idwan The validity and reliability of the Bahasa Malaysia version of the stop-bang questionnaire for identifying obstructive sleep apnea. Yusof, Asfa Najmi Mohamad The Effect of middle ear volume on hearing improvement post myringoplasty. Sapiai, Nur Asma MRI diffusion of rotator cuff muscle in two different type of training methods of state-level weightlifters.

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Iskandar, Nur Hazrina Comparison of efficacy between slice MDCT colonography and conventional colonoscopy in detecting colorectal polypoid lesions. Hasan, Nik Fatma Fairuz Nik Mohd Significance of zone 2 peak on capillary electrophoresis for the detection of haemoglobin constant spring.

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Fauzi, Norhayati Evaluation of immune status among regular Malay male whole blood donors. Zin, Roslinawati Mat Compliance of oral anti-diabetic agents and its associated factors among elderly with type 2 diabetes mellitus at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Halim, Ahmad Shahril Ab. Hassan, Amanil 'Ula Study of circumstances surrounding death in hospitalized paeditric patients in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Masters thesis, Pusat Pengajian Sains Perubatan. Mansor, Azelia Comparison of the effectiveness between kataria and paedfusor models of target controlled infusion TCI during anaesthesia in elective paediatric surgery. Ghani, Nik Mohd Syukra Nik Abdul A comparative study on the efficacy of isotonic and hypotonic intranasal corticosteroid spray in allergic rhinitis. Chin, Leong Yung Evaluation of clinical outcome post lower limb angioplasty in peripheral arterial disease patient.