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So, it is very important to conserve wildlife to maintain the ecological balance in nature and also for preservation. Steps to be taken for the Conservation of Wildlife are:. Some of the laws should be made to ban the killing or capturing of endangered animals or birds. It should be made a punishable offense. Such laws should be enforced strictly and should not remain on paper only. Indiscriminate killing of wild birds and animals, whether are in abundance should not be allowed by the forest authorities.

The more number of National Parks and Sanctuaries should be established for preserving the natural habitats of wild animals and birds throughout the country.

The Department of Government should conduct a periodic survey in all the forests regarding the conservation of wildlife. They should have the knowledge about the population of all the species of wild animals and birds, so that they can be helped during the time of floods and famines.

7.1 Deforestation and Its Causes

Special attention should be paid even by us also to the conservation of endangered species of wild animals and birds to prevent their extinction altogether. List of Regional distribution of the Wild Animals around the World 6.

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The unauthorized cutting of forest trees for timber and wood for fuel should be stopped immediately. Because depletion of forests destroys the natural habitat of wild animals and birds. In case of the authorization of the Government for felling of trees for every acre of forest, then the equal area of land should be planted with sapling of trees to make up for the loss in the long run.

It is the duty of all of us also to plant trees near our surroundings and also to motivate others to do the same. Breeding programs for endangered species should be organized. School Board. Current Affairs. Hence, conservation of biodiversity must be promoted to ensure survival of living beings.

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Trees and plants are the source of life on Earth as they inhale carbon dioxide and harmful gases from the air and exhale the life giving oxygen. Deforestation and urbanization have resulted in proliferation of air pollution in India. Atmosphere of New Delhi the capital of our country has become equivalent to a gas chamber of toxic gases.

Cultivation of crops and farming is supported by many insects, earthworms, fungi and bacteria which make the soil fertile and also provide manure. Extinction of these species will surely hamper quality of crop cultivation. The Constitution of India provides Right to clean air and environment as our fundamental right. We must practise eco-friendly lifestyle to conserve our nature. Conservation of biodiversity is important in keeping the balance of our environment. There has been a continuous hammering on the ever present need for the conservation of biodiversity due to its extreme importance to the continual survival and existence of mankind, animals, plants and every other living organism on our planet.

We need to do more than just emphasising the need to converse and protect biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity, we have to start looking at the various methods we can employ in conserving our biodiversity and start putting the methods into good use. There are many methods we can use in conversing biodiversity; some of these methods are discussed below:. A major factor contributing to the rapid decline in biodiversity is the ever increasing population of humans. To meet the many needs of the large human population, a lot of harm is done to nature and this brings imbalance to nature.

A few example of activities that bring harm include the cutting down of trees for the construction of new shelters and to create space for settlements, the killing of animals to meet the food requirement of the large population. When the population is greater than usual, the increasing needs of the population leads to a depletion of fauna and flora which ensures a biodiversity decline. If we control the population of humans first and then allow all other animals and plants species to thrive and grow, we are on the path to conserving biodiversity. Our planet is under serious attack from pollution and it is causing great harm to it.

Global warming as a result of increasing temperature has now become a thing. Climate change, drop in the quality of air and the increase in the quantity of pollution that are on the land and also in the various water bodies are causing a lot of various types and forms of diseases in different plants and animals. The extinction of several animal and plant species has also been caused by pollution. The changes in climate have become extremely hard for a number of plants and animals to withstand and it makes their survival very difficult.

We need to do our best in cutting down and reducing if possible eliminate all of the different activities that cause pollution. Since most of the products, things or items we use are gotten as raw materials from natural resources, we should do our very best not to waste them. The fuel that our vehicles use, the electricity that we consume, the paper and books we write things on, the clothes and accessories we wear and a whole lot of other things we use are all produced indirectly or directly from natural resources.

We must try to make use of only what we need and encourage the reuse and recycling of products. The world will function properly only if our ecosystem is well-balanced. Conservation of Biodiversity means healthy environment.

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With so many new inventions and technologies, humans are creating more harm to themselves by spoiling the environment and causing imbalance in the ecosystem. The impact of doing so cannot be understood unless they face the consequences of it. Our planet Earth can survive only if conservation of biodiversity is given adequate importance that it deserves. Biodiversity is what makes the environment. Biodiversity means the diversity in biological system.

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The Earth has different species of plants, animals, and other living organisms and these together constitute biodiversity. Each species of plants and animals is important and they have been created for a reason. Hence, it is very important that this diversity is maintained as it is. The society that preserves the richness of biodiversity will lead a healthy and happy life and the society that turns blind eye to the damages caused to biodiversity will suffer.

In order to maintain the ecological system, conservation of biodiversity is a must. Everything that man requires is very much available in the outer world but we have no time to see those. Humans compete to prove their intelligence and have ended up in spoiling the naturally available resources.

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Nature has given everything in abundance but we have exploited most of the things and are trying to recreate everything. If we would have given importance to conserve biodiversity, we could have avoided this tough situation. Different kinds of fruits, vegetables, leaves, fishes, meats and many other edible things available in the nature is stuffed with different types of nutrients that are very much needed for proper functioning of the human body. When there is a decline in certain types of vegetables or fruits, it means that we are losing those nutrients which is not a good sign and this means we make ourselves nutrient deficient.

Conservation of biodiversity is so stressed upon because it helps in the purification of air. Plants and trees inhale Carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen. Without Oxygen, human kind cannot survive. By cutting down trees, we are digging a graveyard for ourselves. Plants and trees helps in the purification of air and keeps the atmosphere clean. During ancient times, there were no medicines for any ailment. Our ancestors purely relied upon the leaves and roots of some plants to cure diseases.

There are hundreds of herbs in the universe that has medicinal value and most importantly with no side effects. By not lending ears to the conservation of biodiversity propaganda, we are inviting many new diseases. The previous section made it clear that decline in the biodiversity is not a thing to be overlooked at.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

To bring back what we lost, conservation of biodiversity is a must and there are many methods to do it:. Deforestation is the main reason for the vast decline in the number of plant and animal species. Putting an end to deforestation is the first method for conservation of biodiversity.

Human activities leading to pollution and changes in atmospheric temperature needs to be controlled. Instead of exploiting the available natural resources, we have to learn to reuse whatever is possible and avoid wasting things. Spreading awareness is one of the best method that everyone should follow for conservation of biodiversity. As the prime users of nature, we all have to contribute for the conservation of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the natural occurrence of a variety of species which co-exist on our planet earth. It includes distinctive creatures, plants, smaller scale living beings and their qualities, water environments, earthbound, and marine biological communities in which they all are available.

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Biodiversity is fundamental for our reality and additionally important in its very own right. Biodiversity additionally includes different other vital things and administrations, for example, social, recreational, and things that play an important role in our lives. So why is there a need for the conservation of biodiversity? Throughout the years, the exhaustion of biodiversity has been very dynamic. This is occurring because of loss of habitat, over the top abuse of assets, climatic changes, ailments, contamination, poaching of creatures and so on.

So as to address this situation, conservation of biodiversity has been a significant cause of concern for the government as well as social organisations. It must be understood that individuals treasure all advantages from the biodiversity. Thus, they should concentrate on taking appropriate consideration related to the conservation of biodiversity in various structures. It is critical on the grounds that there must be something left for the future age to take a look at.

We as people should check the degradation and the annihilation of the natural surroundings, maintaining the biodiversity at its prime dimension. No objective can be achieved if one does not have a proper goal in place. Conservation of Biodiversity has also its own set of goals to be achieved by the government as well as all of us.