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Othello incurs resentment for many reasons.

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He is from a land that Venetians consider exotic and mysterious, he has had unique adventures, and his military accomplishments far exceed those of the men around him. The most visible indicator of his outsider status is also the one that provokes the most poisonous responses: Othello is a black man in white Venice. Whenever characters such as Iago feel jealousy, fear, or simple hatred toward Othello, they give vent to their feelings by using racist slurs.

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For much of the play, Othello resists, ignores, or seems indifferent to the racism that dogs him. When he turns the race weapon against himself, he dooms both himself and Desdemona. If you intend to go in the direction of Iago, I would mention that his greatest strength lies in his ability to reflect and magnify emotion.

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  7. Iago planted a seed in Othello by merely mentioning the idea of betrayal, then once Othello latched on, Iago stepped back and merely repeated Othello's musings until they overwhelmed him. Therefore, in doing very little Iago actually did quite a lot.

    Character of Iago in “Othello” by Shakespeare Analysis – Essay

    Okay I agree with you one hundred percent, but its the thesis im having a hard time with. This is what I have so far: A remorseless and cruel man with a heart of stone manipulates good-natured minds to become as vile as a criminal's mind.

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    In fact, he elicits a jealousy-induced, epileptic fit out of Othello by claiming Cassio boasted about sex with Desdemona. During this scene, the hawk also circles above the match. If the hawk if metaphorical for Hugo, then this reaffirms his distinct separation from the rest of his team.

    Duke is hidden behind a wall, conjugated with the long shot that positions the audience further away from the action, like Hugo is, this indicates the distance between them. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

    The tragedy of Othello

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