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Describe your overall physique. Indicate your state of mind. Consult a dictionary to find precisely the adjective you want. Content cohn-tahn means happy, while triste treest means sad. You would say "je suis triste" to convey "I am sad.

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State your occupation. Note that the endings of words may change depending on whether you are a man or a woman. A dictionary can help you identify the appropriate suffix. For example, a massage therapist would be either a masseur or a masseuse.

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Male occupations that end in a consonant may add an extra e to become feminine. Note that the final consonant is pronounced only in the female form. Many occupations have only one form, regardless of gender, such as "professeur" which means teacher. Share your hobbies. A dictionary will list verbs in their infinitive form.

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Describe things you like. In English, when describing something you like, you do not use the article. Mon mohn or ma mah are used as possessives, when you wish to indicate that you like something that belongs to you. Mes meh indicates a possessive plural.

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Ma is used when the noun is feminine, indicated in the dictionary by the letter f. Use an adjective. Note the suffix should change depending on whether you are a man or a woman. The dictionary typically lists the male version first and the female second. Sample Descriptive Adjectives in French. Yes No.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful Describe yourself: provide your name, age, a description of your appearance and personality, etc. Here's an example: Bonjour je'mappelle name J'ai age ans. Je suis une fille. Je suis grande. Je mesure un metre 1.

Je pese 42 kilos. Je suis blonde.

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Not Helpful 27 Helpful You would say "Je suis grand. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Not Helpful 18 Helpful Not Helpful 3 Helpful Je m'appelle your name. Je vous presente your friend's name et other friend's name. Not Helpful 14 Helpful It depends on the context job interview, casual conversation, etc.

A notable taboo: French people usually avoid speaking about their income. Not Helpful 24 Helpful Not Helpful 22 Helpful Not Helpful 25 Helpful You would usually describe your face, your size, and your age. The French usually avoid describing what me be perceived as sexual buttocks, breasts, genitals, etc.

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