Which of the following were victorian essayists

His prose style, especially in his Catholic days, is fresh and vigorous, and is attractive to many who do not sympathise with his conclusions, from the apparent candour with which difficulties are admitted and grappled; while in his private correspondence there is charm. James Joyce had a lifelong admiration for Newman's writing, and in a letter to his patron Harriet Shaw Weaver humorously remarked about Newman that "nobody has ever written English prose that can be compared with that of a tiresome footling little Anglican parson who afterwards became a prince of the only true church.

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John Stuart Mill Raised as a utilitarian, but later influenced by the work of Wordsworth, he opposed the utilitarian view-point of the times put forth by Jeremy Bentham, who thought that poetry "stimulated the passions and prejudices, and that it was therefore socially harmful. Senate sub-committee on the National Endowment for the arts.

Someone's always accusing poetry of either volatile, subversive, or just immoral purposes. He basically says that once something is said, or implied, even if it isn't true necessarily, the question is out there for discussion. He suggests that the differences in emphasis between the novel and poetry is so great the forms are almost "mutually exclusive" and he even wonders how those who really appreciate one could care at all about the other.

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While he says that "many of the finest poems are in the form of novels, and in almost all good novels there is true poetry, " the difference between the two is that the novel "is derived from incident" where poetry comes from a "representation of feeling. Poetry on the other hand, may not describe the outward appearance accurately it wouldn't even try but would describe thing in a way that the emotions produced by it are rendered with "scrupulous truth.

The difference, he suggests is that "eloquence is heard, poetry is overheard. The same is true of a poet. He has to write for himself alone, even if he plans to publish it, because the moment he begins to write for someone else, the work becomes not poetic, but eloquent. John Ruskin. Christ in the House of His Parents , by Millais.

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Which Of The Following Were Victorian Essayists

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Vernon Lee and the Victorian Aesthetic Movement: "Feminine Souls" and Shifting Sites of Contest

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As dramatically as technology changes, we, at least in the way we regard it, remain surprisingly unchanged. Polly Curtis on the future of journalism — Dundee, Dundee City. Do editors pander to audiences more than they should? The Maldon UP! Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Melissa Dickson , University of Oxford. This parallel is well illustrated by the following cartoon from Punch, a satirical British weekly magazine: Worrying trends, Reproduced with kind permission of Punch Ltd.

Cacophony of voices The 19th century witnessed the rapid expansion of the printing industry. He thought that the cacophony of voices supposedly overwhelming the general public was creating: A state of society where any voice, not pitched in an exaggerated key, is lost in the hubbub.

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Old complaints The parallels with the concerns of our own society are striking. History Smartphones Technology History of science.