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Formulating your research questions – Academic Integrity

All Princeton students pledge to adhere to the Honor Code in the conduct of all written examinations, tests, and quizzes that take place in class. However, much of your work at Princeton — from papers to problem sets to the senior thesis — will be produced outside of class, whether in the library, your dorm room, or elsewhere. These regulations fall under the jurisdiction not of the Honor Committee, but of the Faculty-Student Committee on Discipline. Update on Academic Integrity Revisions, February To present something as a new and original idea or product but that is derived from an existing source.

Omitting quotation marks if another work is used.

A fine red line: when does editing a student’s work become cheating?

Paraphrasing multiple sources and piecing them together. Using photos, video or audio without acknowledgment of source. Including citations for non-existent or inaccurate sources.

For more information about plagiarism, please see the guide below. Plan your paper.

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Make a clear thesis statement and outline your paper. Mark down page numbers in books; note article citations and web addresses of every source as you research. Paraphrase properly.

Composing a draft

It is not enough to simply change every third word. Citation is needed when paraphrasing.

Common knowledge is information available from a number of sources that is generally known, and does not have to be cited. However, information regarding a specific effect of vitamin A in the body is probably the result of specific research and needs to be cited. Using Thesis Statements. University of Toronto Writing Support. Skip to main content. Search our site: Search. Formulating your research questions.