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Catherine is a teenager and has grown up with Beatrice and Eddie as her parents.

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She has not seen much of the world and is just experiencing what it feels like to be a woman. Given all this, she deserves absolutely no blame for her role in Eddie's obsession.

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He, on the other hand, is an adult, and he manipulates and preys on someone who is essentially a child. However, Catherine does give Eddie signs that encourage his attention, and here Miller complicates our moral sense of the two characters.

Beatrice tells Catherine she must stop walking around in a slip and sitting on the edge of the bathtub while Eddie shaves in his underwear. Even the most naive teenager might realize these things on her own, it seems.

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Furthermore, Catherine gives a strange speech criticizing Beatrice for not being a good wife to Eddie and insinuating she does a better job of taking care of him. It is certainly likely that Catherine knows what she is doing to an extent, and even though Eddie is still in the wrong, his feelings are somewhat understandable.

Eddie is a classic tragic hero. He is an Everyman trying to live his life while burdened by a terrible secret and a terrible flaw.

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His love for Catherine and his inability to recognize it for what it is lead to his downfall. As Alfieri points out, this downfall is almost inevitable.

A View From the Bridge

Eddie can no longer look at himself perspicaciously; he cannot change or grow or deviate from his path. He does not achieve redemption and dies at the close of the play. However, despite his stubbornness and immoral love for Catherine, he retains some sympathetic qualities which also add to his status as a tragic hero; he is no villain whose comeuppance we yearn for. He is a regular man suffering from a tremendous guilt and burden, and his death is sorrowful.

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A View From the Bridge Essay

While the psychosexual tension, repression, and violence of the story are universal indeed, there are multiple parallels with Greek tragedies , Miller chose to set his play in his own era: s America, in an immigrant population in Brooklyn. He does this to 1 assert the working-class nature of the protagonist, which exacerbates some of the tensions regarding Rodolpho "stealing" Catherine 2 delve into a population already marginalized by xenophobia 3 call attention to the persecution of supposed communists, which led to snitching and rumormongering.

He makes us question the values of American society while presenting his universal drama.

Beatrice is a beleaguered character if there ever was one. He even blames Beatrice for their marital problems and demands that she respect him more. However, in the end, all of her sharp words and accusations and cries of frustration are muted by her choice to stay with Eddie instead of going to the wedding. He does this because Eddie will see Alfieri as disrespectful to accuse Eddie of such thoughts. What more, Eddie has a short temper which Alfieri is almost juggling with in this conversation.

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  7. Later on in the play, when Eddie comes home drunk from a night out and finds Catherine and Rodolpho in bed together, he reaction tells a lot about his feelings: for both Catherine and Rodolpho. He kisses them both.

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    But why? Bare in mind him being drunk released his true feelings towards each person. The kiss tells the audience a lot about Eddie as the alcohol makes his emotions just burst out. His feelings for Catherine that have been hidden away have appeared and his anger in Rodolpho has arrived too. Up until this point, Eddie was like a volcano waiting to erupt. At this point, he erupts and you could say this is where his downfall starts to pick up pace. Eddie Carbone as a Tragic Hero A tragic hero…. Conflict Throughout this play there is a lot of conflict be it verbal, physical or psychological.

    The conflict in this play is significant in keeping to the snowball effect. He killed my children!

    A View from the Bridge

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