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Assessment irregularities take various forms including plagiarism, multiple submission and collusion. TEIs must ensure that all students are aware of the seriousness of these practices, and of the penalties which may be incurred. In the case of formative assessment, plagiarism or collusion should be dealt with informally by the TEI involved, but the serious nature of the dishonest practice should be made known to the student concerned.

In the case of summative assessment, the first stages of the procedure are part of the examinations process and not a disciplinary procedure. Cases of suspected plagiarism or collusion should be reported immediately. There should not be any delay over taking action since the consideration of such allegations at the end of the academic year can give rise to additional complications.

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The evidence of alleged plagiarism or collusion should be shown to the student, and the student should be asked to account for the work that they submitted. The table below presents the procedure for dealing with suspected plagiarism.

TEIs are also advised to consult our short guide on implementing the procedure for dealing with cases of suspected plagiarism. Where two examiners have been appointed to examine a piece of work the examiners should consult over the matter before the submission of a report. If an external examiner suspects that a student has breached the regulations, they should consult with the internal examiner s.

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The student s concerned are required to meet the panel together with the reporting examiner s. The student should normally receive at least 5 working days notice of the date of the meeting and should be told of its purpose. The student may also be accompanied by a non-staff member for the purpose of providing support to the student, at the discretion of the panel Chair.

In the case of final year students where the case of alleged plagiarism or collusion is brought to light at the end of the degree programme it may be necessary to hold a meeting without the 5 days notice, provided that the student concerned agrees in writing to this procedure. Following the meeting, a written record of the meeting must be made immediately.

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The report must be sent electronically to the Common Awards Team as soon as possible. At the end of the meeting, the panel - excluding the reporting examiner s - must decide upon the quantitative and qualitative extent of alleged plagiarism or collusion. This decision must be made in the light of: a the evidence presented; and b the account given by the student including any mitigation offered.

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Based on this decision, the panel must agree on the appropriate action to be taken. A written record of the meeting, and the panel's recommendation, must be made immediately and sent electronically to the Common Awards Team as soon as possible. The panel's recommendation must also be communicated to the student in writing by the Chair of the TEI's Board of Examiners.