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Maxine Segarnick Master's Thesis Presentation on Wastewater Disposal in the Marcellus Shale

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GWP is resulted in both phases, Methane emission is the major greenhouse gas contributing For Kaja grey water treatment system, AP Likewise, EP Similarly, GWP is generated in both phases, Similarly, GWP From the results of environmental impacts of all the three systems, it is seen that AP and ODP originate in the construction phase of every systems. Productions of pre-fabricated fibre glass components are also responsible for these impacts.


In all the three systems, EP is occuring during the operation phase and Total-N is the main element responsible for the impact. Likewise, GWP in two of the systems is mainly originated during operation phase but in one system it is originated in both the construction and operation phase. Greenhouse gases contributing to GWP are methane CH4 emission from the treatment units during the operation stage and carbon dioxide CO2 emission during the production process of Filtralite-P in the construction phase.

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Comparative assessment of three systems show that Kaja grey water treatment system is the system with best environmental performance. The system is based on source separation technique occupying a very small area with a low number of treatment units a septic tank, a bio-filter unit and a horizontal flow constructed wetland and treats grey water from 48 persons.

However, the environmental performance scenario could be different if the system boundary is expanded to include the vaccum toilet system including the required plumbing elements.

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This is resulted because the scale of the system is higher than other systems so it has higher operational greenhouse gas emissions. According to Roseth, ; Adam, et al. So recommendation can be made to analyse the environmental impacts, with Filtramar shell-sand used as an alternative filter media in on-site wastewater treatment systems. Environmental impacts associated with transport of sludge have minor contribution but still there could be options for reducing the sludge disposal cost and the potential impacts resulting during its transport.

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