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A few nights later, King discovered Naomi in the garage, jumping up and down on sheets of bubble wrap, indignant over the loss of her pet. I want my cat. Owen was about eighteen months old when he wandered dangerously close to the highway. Owen had been born with an unusually large head, and the Kings had already agonized over the possibility of losing him to hydrocephalus. This near miss was an unwelcome reminder of the fragility of their children.

Stephen King freely admits that one of the reasons he agreed to the project that became Cycle of the Werewolf was because he was drunk when a young Michigan publisher named Christopher Zavisa approached him at the World Fantasy Convention in Providence, Rhode Island in King also believes Silver Bullet is the only motion picture developed from something that started out as a calendar concept. There would be some kind of continuity among the segments, as if it were all a larger story.

The concept of a story calendar appealed to King, as did the idea of working with a small press. At that point in his career, King was feeling a little guilty about his immense success compared to many other writers, especially those he had idolized as a kid. He fully expected to be snubbed as a young whippersnapper at the con, although he was in fact treated generously and kindly by people he was astonished to think of as his colleagues.

The roaring engine that became Christine rolled off the assembly line as a short story idea inspired by the old, decrepit red Cadillac Stephen King owned in I found myself wondering if there might not be a story in an odometer that ran backward. The book was written in the late 70s the same era during which the novel is set , before King spent time in the greater Pittsburgh area working on Creepshow , but its location is an homage to his friend, director George Romero, to whom the book is dedicated. He thought that the car and perhaps the kid who owned it would get younger.

As he told Douglas E. None of the stories had been previously published. That may not seem unusual now, but at the time it was something of a departure for King.

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The publishing landscape was different in In his lengthy afterword to Different Seasons , King bemoans the sad state of the novella, that peculiar form of fiction that falls between longer short stories and shorter novels, tales in the , word range. He calls the stories in this collection his bedtime stories. The ideas came to him while he writing other novels. He says that he often has six or seven of these ideas going on at the same time and many of them never pan out.

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Either that or he ended up telling the entire story to himself, so there was no point in writing it down. When he was a student working in the University of Maine library, Stephen King inherited a ream sheets of oddly sized bright green paper, almost as thick as cardboard.

This eccentric material seemed to invite him to write something special. Seeing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly while flying high on mescaline, he told an audience at Yale in April made him wonder if he could blend two different genres. He started the book during his final year at university.

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In that cabin, he experienced ghostly, unbroken silence that undoubtedly affected the mood of what he was writing—unbroken, that is, except for the music of Johnny Winter. He believed at the time he was embarking on the longest popular novel in history, something he estimated would approach pages [1].

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One of the interesting things about researching these historical context essays is that they demonstrate how unreliable memory can be. Contradictions abound. King remembers writing it during February vacation, which would place it in February Sources generally say that King wrote the novel in a weekend or, more specifically, over a period of 72 hours.

In a interview in The Guardian [1] , King says he wrote it in a week. I wrote when they napped or I would stick them in front of the TV. I like to think that the plan was implemented as a result of the mobilization of rural people who spurred the Thai Rak Thai party to power.

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However, the party dissolved after the monarchy regained control via yet another coup in The crackdown in May was yet another catalyst for many political activists to install democratic principles in Thailand. The budget allocation to the palaces has increased greatly since King Bhumibol came to power in And since the coup, the purpose of the national budget has been to support the development of the capital city of Bangkok and to look after the two million civil servants, military, and police, all in the name of protecting and honoring the King. The members of parliament in my hometown province, Suphanburi, have been passing positions between networks of family members for as long as I can remember.

No political party explicitly opposed the coups that occurred in and , and they never felt the need to mobilize so that they could tell the military to go home.

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Party leaders resisted action so that they could protect their own families and businesses. And so the current Thai junta survives, even though junta members have done nothing to endear themselves to the public, choosing instead to strengthen their ties to the monarchy. In return, the Privy Council, the body that advises the King, as well as other palace insiders, pushed out propaganda arguing that Thailand is not ready for democracy and is better off under the protection of 1, generals and , soldiers. King Bhumibol seems to fear that he cannot keep the hearts of all Thai people submissive, and that they will one day rise up to eliminate the monarchy once and for all.

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There is a saying among the critical voices in Thailand that Thai people are living under a coconut shell, believing that Thailand is the most fantastic nation in the world, that Thai people are the sweetest human beings, and that the Thai king is the king of all kings. But outside of the coconut shell, the view is much darker. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. No paywall.