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Get a Quote for Your Order: Learn the price quote for your custom paper in a few steps - place a quick inquiry, and we will contact you in a timely manner. Calculate the price of your order Type of paper needed: Term paper. Clearly explain the idea using references to the text. Show that each of these philosophers agrees on this particular idea e. Do you agree with the view the philosophers put forward. Why, or why not. The two philosophers I have chosen are Kant and Thoreau and Transcendentalism.

However, I have found that philosophy itself rather distracting. It leads to false answers to what might sometimes be false questions. It leads to radically held beliefs that can be destructive, difficult to understand, and often contrary to reality. Worst of all, it often answers questions that we as humans have no business answering with any certainty. I don't believe that philosophy itself is bad, however I do believe that we need to look at it much more pessimistically than most perspectives allow In contrast, the philosophical man is primarily concerned with things of the mind, with finding and contemplating questions of much greater significance, whose views are formed intentionally after careful consideration Powerful Essays words 6.

When you ask a question like this, expect to get something deep or nothing at all. Then, because there are so many misconceptions that circulate the minds of the human race and give this intellectual disciple almost a negative, quizzical image, we will discuss what philosophy is not before discussing its different subdivision and categories The 3 main points will be metaphysics, epistemology, and political philosophy. Better Essays words 4. Then, we need to look into the two transitions: Ancient to Medieval and Medieval to Modern philosophy. Parker describes these transitions into greater detail.

Also, Kenny, and Strauss, In this paper, I will not only be discussing the development of Western philosophy, but the historical standpoint of the how philosophy became what it is now Once we put our philosophy in place, we then struggle with changing our philosophy. I believe that philosophies can be always changing any given situation and in order for growth as an educator we have to be aware of the situations that can change our philosophy, as well as being true to our core beliefs.

However, in order for this to happen we must understand what philosophy is, and what it is not and how it fall in line with ideology and theories As I approached an age where I really started considering what I would like to do for a career I only knew that I did not want to work in an office behind a desk all day.

I wanted a job that would be interactive, challenging and exciting. I also knew I wanted a job that would be important and would somehow contribute to the world in an important way. I thought being a teacher; particularly a teacher in the primary levels would fulfill those hopes and goals assuming I dedicate myself to becoming an effective teacher who has a positive influence on the lives of my students Better Essays words 2 pages Preview.

However, why do those people to learn philosophy. Is it worth our time to study it and why. Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. However, Sartre himself raises objections about his philosophy, but he overcomes these obvious objections. In this paper I will argue that man creates their own essence through their choices and that our values and choices are important because they allow man to be free and create their own existence By the definition, Philosophy is a quest after wisdom, the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

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How can it not have a value, unless we are trying to raise or have ignorant and uneducated society. Perhaps some philosophical dialogs do not always follow common sense, reach a conclusion or resolve a conflict. He says that the more we practice philosophy the more we begin to question everyday things in our life, and we come to find that the answers are only bigger questions The coaching philosophy chosen by each individual is crucial to how a career can be defined, as well as how a team coached by this individual functions in both practices and competitive situations.

The coaching philosophy set in place by the coach is the fundamental foundation of the program itself. It not only provides direction for the coaching staff and others surrounding the program, but it also sets a threshold for the athletes on the participating team Better Essays words 4 pages Preview.

Perennialism arises from a devoted acceptance of the ancient philosophical principles of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas, and a belief that these ancient philosophies could be the response to the decadence of the Western civilization during the first half of the twentieth century Mosier, Perennialism claims that it is necessary a restoration of the spirit that governed the education during the Middle Ages as the only hope for education and culture Since the majority of subject matter will be hard for many students to comprehend due to its intensity and honesty, students will need to develop strategies for dealing with discussions on controversial issues.

In order to be best prepared to hold discussions about these issues, students will need to understand that there are multiple perspectives and beliefs on each topic discussed Philosophical Perspectives in Education In this modern time we do not really have our own philosophy we are learning our philosophy from a guy that wrote it hundreds of years ago. It is really significant that we are still going with his thoughts on justice and things like that, but the ideas are a little old and not very well applied to the modern ways of life.

I found this person who was writing about why Plato was wrong and she made some very good point in which the language and arguments make no sense and there really is no information there The concern about these ideas influenced philosophy during this era in many significant ways as well. Throughout the history of philosophy particularly in ancient and medieval philosophy , the problem of universals has been a subject that has been pondered, debated, and wrote about extensively.

It is viewed as one of the most important aspects in life. Teachers are not only educators, but they also set the goal for each life of the students they touch. If teachers did not exist, society, jobs, technology and everything else would not exist. We would be nothing but cavemen still drawing on the walls of caves. Teachers are not only educators, but parents and providers. They provide love to each student they come by, and provide them with the knowledge that is needed to succeed in life This applies to any individuals who have devoted exhaustive time to specific subjects; in hopes to solve the problems faced by the world as a whole the main focus here will be associated with medicine.

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Especially when compared to individuals who do not concern themselves with the practice of philosophy and therefore, lack such expertise knowledge. The expertise emphasized, leads to basic morals that prompt answers to ethically controversial subjects In other words, we might be living in a mind of another superior, and practically do not necessarily exist. It is metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that people ponder upon. As obscure it might seem, philosophy does apply to everyday practical life and it does not only deal with existential queries.

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For whatever career path you intend on going, a philosophy can help you to stay on path that lines up with your goals. In this paper, I am going to share with you my simple philosophy to nursing. Finally, I will talk a little about where I believe the best setting for my philosophy. My philosophy of nursing is simple: We do our best to fix broken people in an efficient, timely, and compassionate manner Despite this, they were able to connect through philosophical arguments that disregard time.

The philosophy of Plato is similar to Mill but contradict their values in separate areas. In contrast, Mill believed in a society where a human being is only limited in their sense of purpose through their sheer power of will.

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Kant claims that happiness is irrelevant in ethics and that the right thing to do is to determine what our duty is and to act on it. Both of these philosophies pose their flaws, but the question of what should we follow if we have no basis is raised. The religion that most fully influences how I live my life and the choices I make is Christianity. These two philosophers and their teaching practices became models for schools across Western Europe.

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Plato came from a wealthy and influential family in Athens. Plato was taught by the great philosopher Socrates and Plato 's pupil was Aristotle. Plato cover a great variety of subjects such as justice, politics, leadership, and education.

Plato 's ideas have been called great, however, some critics have said he 's ideals were unrealistic. This paper will look at four different authors and their critiques of Plato 's philosophy of education After thinking long and hard about what I wanted to happen in my classroom, what goals I wanted for my students and for myself; I came up with the following.

My goal as an educator is to develop a strong personal relationship with each and every one of my students. I want my students to feel like my classroom is a second home for them and for them to come to me with any problem they may be facing Each teacher instructs based on what they think is most effective.

The five philosophies that are mostly used today include the following: Essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, social reconstructionism, and existentialism. A significant amount of teachers teach in their own styles involving one or multiple of the philosophies mentioned above. My personal philosophy of education involves a student centered classroom. An example of this principle would be a man who is happily married. However, at the office, there is an attractive new intern that constantly hits on him. He does find the intern to be physically attractive but does not actually desire to be with her.

He reflects that he could indeed have an affair with this intern if he wanted to but he wont in a million years because he is extremely happy with his wife Good Essays words 1. Socrates, a great influential philosopher who influence his pupil such as Plato, through his teachings. In fact, Aristotle became a great critic of his teacher.

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Despite his criticism, Aristotle was influenced by Plato and in so their works are easily comparable, however, some aspect of their philosophy can be contradictive However many believe there should be absolute power in order for society to fully function properly and away from war. This idea is based on Hobbes philosophy of absolute sovereignty. In which power should neither be limited nor divided but given absolute authority to a single person or an assembly to have an effective society One of the main arguments taking place in these studies is the mind-body problem.