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Some kind of bloody superhero comic?

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It would be a couple more years before I found out what he meant. This dystopian graphic novel continues to be relevant even 30 years after it ended. With its warnings against fascism, white supremacy and the horrors of a police state, V for Vendetta follows one woman and a revolutionary anarchist on a campaign to challenge and change the world. Moore's quintessential Superman story.

Though it has not aged as well as some of his work, this comic is still one of the best Man of Steel stories ever written, and one of the most memorable comics in DC's canon. This introspective, stream-of-consciousness comic follows a successful ad man who begins to have a midlife crisis after realising the moral failings of his life and work. A love letter to the silver age of comics that nods to Buck Rogers and other classics of pulp fiction. Tom Strong embodies all of the ideals Moore holds for what a superhero should be.

One of Moore's best known comic series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is the ultimate in crossover works, drawing on characters from all across the literary world who are on a mission to save it. Two things strike me now.

One is how the majority of the British population were happy to accept control and turn a blind eye to atrocities, so long as they were fed a diet of vaguely familiar sitcoms and tabloids. The other is that even at the height of the Thatcher years, Moore and Lloyd thought that something as epochal as a nuclear war would be necessary before Britain embraced fascism. V for Vendetta - Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow A Small Killing Tom Strong - The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Topics Alan Moore Books of defiance.

Comics and graphic novels blogposts. In contrast, the Fingermen are shown in low angles, which makes them look large and powerful. They are shown from the side and other angles which accentuate their grotesque features, making them appear less human. McTeigue wanted to persuade his audience that anarchism is better than fascism to warn against powerful governments and to show people to protect their freedom.

Some of the features of the Government in V for Vendetta can actually be seen in our governments in the real world.

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Examples of this include mass surveillance, and the ever-increasing influence of the media. By taking these features and amplifying them in the film, McTeigue is warning his audience that if we allow these things to continue, they could eventually lead to an all-powerful totalitarian government like the fascist Government in V for Vendetta. Thus McTeigue persuaded his audience that anarchism is better than fascism and warned about the increasing power of governments by using film techniques to make the Government of the film be seen as cruel and controlling.

This is a further aspect of fascism that McTeigue used to show his audience that anarchism is superior to fascism.

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  • At the beginning of the film, there are shots of Evey and V getting ready. An important part of each character getting ready is that they are disguising who they are. V puts on a mask, which is a motif occurring throughout the film. This is important as it shows how V is forced to hide himself, rather than revealing who he is underneath.

    Likewise, Evey hides her true self when she dresses up and puts on her makeup, and goes to see Gordon only under the cover of darkness.

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    V for Vendetta is a manual for rebellion against injustice | Books | The Guardian

    It is important that they are established at the beginning of the film, as this means that the audience learn that the main characters must hide their true selves in order to survive in this fascist country. McTeigue also uses the opening scenes to show why these characters feel the need to hide their true selves, and why they do not fit in with the society they live in. Whilst Evey and V are getting ready to head out, both have their television on.

    Playing over the television is what appears to be a news broadcast, however instead of discussing information, the broadcast is very clearly Government propaganda. Lewis Prothero, the presenter, is yelling at the camera about how pathetic America is and how the reason for their failure is godlessness.

    This is the motto of the Government, and clearly demonstrates their views. It shows how the Government is very religious, and how they keep their country unified by using a lot of force.

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    Whilst Prothero is saying this dialogue on the screen, he is extremely angry, seen by his expressions, agitated manner, and very loud, harsh voice. McTeigue has also developed Prothero in such a way that the audience will draw parallels between him and people they see on the media in the real world.

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    It is also clear later in the film that this fascist government is based off Hitler and Nazi Germany, as many of their actions and beliefs are the same. By comparing the Government of V for Vendetta to Hitler and Nazi Germany, the audience learns that this government is very powerful and very cruel. McTeigue wants his audience to believe that anarchism is better than fascism, and he does this by showing how totalitarian governments stop people from being who they truly are, and by comparing the Government to the Nazi Party. He persuades his audience to believe this right from the very beginning of the film.

    By making his viewers like these characters, he causes them to feel empathy towards them, thus manipulating them to see their beliefs of anarchism more favourably than they see fascism. In comparison, the fascist Government and the country which they run is shown as evil, causing the audience to be even more swayed towards anarchy as they do not trust the fascist Government. McTeigue also shows the audience how the totalitarian fascist Government is controlling people in all parts of their lives, including making them hide who they truly are. By comparing the Government to extremist rulers such as Hitler, the audience sees that fascist, powerful governments are a bad thing.

    An Introduction to the Analysis of the Film V for Vendetta

    McTeigue warns his audience through the film that certain aspects of our society, if left unchanged, could lead to fascism as governments slowly gain power. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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