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It would be considered absurd if the United States Congress were to approve a law restricting marijuana use around the globe because other nations are outside of the jurisdiction of the United States and therefore the United States cannot enforce laws in foreign countries. If the United States attempted to enforce this anti-marijuana law in Holland it would create an international incident.

The government of the United States cannot rightfully, or practically, enforce any law that would affect the entire world.

The disadvantages of internet censorship

The decision as to whether the United States government will have the right to censor content on the Internet will be decided by those who have little experience with it. Jenifer Mattos concluded her article on the CDA Supreme Court hearing by asserting that "Although most of [the justices] have never explored the Web, its future depends on their choice" Mattos.

The U. Any law enacted to censor speech on the Internet is just as Unconstitutional as a law censoring newspaper and magazine publishers. Some feel that the right to freedom of the press should be limited on the Internet such as CDA proponents Senator Jim Exon and mothers against pornography groups such as Enough is Enough. The intentions of the CDA proponents are to keep "indecent" material away from children. Enacting laws restricting Internet speech is not the proper way to solve their problem because it violates fundamental Constitutional rights and cannot be enforced within the boundaries of foreign countries.

I recommend that the U.

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Software systems which allow parental control of Internet material are already widely available on the Internet. An example of one of the many parental control software systems is aptly named Net Nanny. Many users in the computer industry have already accepted these software programs as a viable solution to keeping their children away for "indecent" material.

Robert Sirico of Forbes is among the many proponents for Internet self-regulation. The market has already provided solutions.

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Internet users can subscribe to growing numbers of "parental control" programs. These filter out offensive materials by screening key words or simply limiting kids to a "white list" of approved sites. It's as easy as downloading a file and nearly impossible to outwit. Sirico 48 Sirico concludes his article by asserting that parents, not the government, need to take control of the situation and protect the innocence of their children through parentally controlled software devices.

Though parentally controlled software is not perfect in that it relies on human intervention, it is a much better solution than governmental censorship in that it is perfectly legal, it does not alienate fundamental rights under the First Amendment, it allows Internet users to keep their right to freedom of expression and it does not impose limits on those outside of the jurisdiction of United States law. Another viable solution to the problem of children viewing objectionable material on the Internet is the use of a voluntary rating system. The parents needs only to follow a few simple steps in which they enter a security password and decide what ratings are appropriate for their child.

After the rating system is enabled, the child user will be unable to browse web sites that have ratings above the standards set by the parents without knowledge of the password. President Clinton, although steadfastly holding to the belief that censorship laws are necessary for the Internet, condones self-regulation of the Internet through the use of voluntary rating systems: The Clinton Administration vigorously support s the development and widespread availability of products that allow both parents and schools to block objectionable materials from reaching computers that children use.

And we also support the industry's accelerating efforts to rate Internet sites so that they are compatible with these blocking techniques. The government should condone Internet self-regulation through voluntary rating systems and parental control software instead of attempting to pass legislation censoring the Internet such as the CDA, which does nothing more than encroach on the fundamental right to free speech. ISPs are similar to telephone companies in that they allow the transport of data. Telephone companies are considered carriers and not publishers because they are not expected too, and furthermore, not allowed to regulate the content of private communications between individuals.

ISPs should be treated in the same ways. Microsoft CEO and computer industry expert Bill Gates in his book on the future of the Internet, The Road Ahead , asserts that the idea of having Internet Service Providers act as censors would be absurd: Some critics have suggested that communications companies be made gatekeepers, charged with filtering the content of what they carry. This idea would put companies in the business of censoring all communication. This means that domestic regulations cannot oversee the rules of foreign countries.

It would be just as easy for an American teen to download receive pornographic material from England, as it would be from down the street. One of the major problems is the lack of physical boundaries, making it difficult to determine where violations of the law should be prosecuted. There is no one place through which all information passes through.

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It started out as a defense project that would allow communication in the event of an emergency such as nuclear attack. Without a central authority, information would pass around until it got where it was going. It is not necessary to take any specific route but rather anyone goes. In the same way the information on the Internet starts out and eventually gets to its destination. The Internet is full of anonymity. Nothing is known for certain about a person accessing content.

Argumentative Essay: Internet Censorship

There are no signatures or photo-ids on the Internet therefore it is difficult to certify that illegal activities regarding minors accessing restricted data are taking place. Take for example a conversation on IRC. Two people could people talking to one another, but all that they see is text. Then if the conversationalist lies about any points mentioned above it would be extremely difficult t o know or prove otherwise. In this way governments could not restrict access to certain sites on the basis of ages. A thirteen-year-old boy in British Columbia could decide that he wanted to download pornography from an adult site in the U.

The site may have warnings and age restrictions but they have no way of stopping him from receiving their material if he says he is 19 years of age when prompted. The complexity in the way information is passed around the Internet means that if information has been posted, deleting this material becomes almost impossible. A good example of this is the junk mail that people refer to as spam. These include e-mails advertising products, use net articles that are open for flames.

Flames are heated letters that many times have no founding behind them. These seem to float around for ages before dying out because they are perfect material for flame wars. Mostly these are immature arguments that are totally pointless except to those involved. The millions of people that participate on the Internet everyday have access to almost all of the data present. Not Creating Content. Just Protecting it. The New York Times. June 5, Encore Presentation: An Interview with Richard.

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