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James was astonished on how fast girls picked up the game. He was inspired to create a women's game, with minor alterations, to make up for some disadvantages that women may have. The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League History words - 6 pages lead more advanced people to come up with more ideas on the way the cameramen could capture moments of the NBA games. Motion capture technology is a huge reason to why we can watch NBA games on television. There is a technology camera, called SportVU. In a basketball stadium there are six cameras down on the court catching each player and the ball twenty-five times per second.

The Boys from Joes is an incredible story.

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Ten of the boys that. Napster and MP3s on the Internet words - 10 pages Basketball is the only major sport in America that is strictly of U. Naismith invented basketball to relieve the boredom of indoor activities such as calisthenics and gymnastic activities which his class detested. The first basketball game has nine players to a team and used a soccer ball as the first basketball.

August , Basketball becomes an official Olympic sport.

June 6, The. Lately, I have had in the back of my mind several troubling areas, so I know that this moment was the time to take care of these situations. If I could overcome certain problems, I would be more successful in the future. First, I have to get over the sudden death of my father. The day I found out my father was killed. All of the girls were short, not very strong, and had weak shooting and dribbling skills. At their first practice, Vivek made it very clear at the beginning that the girls would do a full court press every game, all the time.

After many practices of conditioning, the girls played their season games with a full. Basketball, the game, was one of the greatest to ever be invented. Basketball is truly an American game. It is competitive and fun. This winter indoor game has become a very popular sport among all ages. James A.

Naismith was born in Canada but invented the game of basketball in the United States. He invented basketball by using a rectangular. Hays State University Intro to Leadership - Book Review words - 10 pages when he builds his team, he looks at how the players communicate with their parents and how they treat their parents.

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This ties in with personal responsibility and discipline. Coach K. On the basketball court and in life in general, if people have passion and a love for what they are doing and they have a solid. My parents threw nothing away, so anything with a spine ended up there: photo albums; agricultural journals and bound issues of Mad magazine from the sixties; Agatha Christie novels, organized by detective; an incomplete Encyclopedia Britannica ending two volumes shy of Z; the Hardy Boys, a cool band of blue on the shelf; my Richard Scarry picture books held together with Scotch tape.

When my sister got bigger, she claimed the room for herself, and I moved into a smaller bedroom with my brother. The entire collection, swelling with my own books, was hauled downstairs into the indignity of a cobwebbed storeroom, next to Christmas decorations and folding chairs. Everyone called it the storeroom, but to me it was our library. Our living room had no proper chairs in which to read.

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My mother retreated to the bedroom to read on hot weekend afternoons; my father, his shirt off, wrote his articles in longhand on the dining room table. I would read lying on my bed, hoisting a hardcover above me, until I would doze off and drop the book on my face and wake myself up and start over. Our kitchen was the most brightly lit room in the house. Fluorescent tubes hung from the ceiling next to lizards, their tongues flickering, waiting for insects to eat.

Despite the heat and the daily racket, the kitchen was where I read, with the clanging of pots, my mother muttering at her chopping board, and the smell of vinegar and soy sauce mingling with the new worlds into which I had entered.

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None of these distractions mattered, for I had retreated into the den of my own head, furnished with its own cozy armchair. I had already disappeared. I may have been a precocious reader at three, but I had devolved into an indiscriminate one at twelve. It was my father, a rice scientist, who got me interested in more challenging literature.

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But as someone who spent his career in labs and rice paddies, he was the unlikely parent to initiate my literary education. When I was thirteen, bored with the adventure novels I was reading, I asked him to pick out some books for me. I was at the kitchen table, as always, and my father returned with three paperbacks from the storeroom.

These books looked serious.

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  • The covers had no illustrations, just title, author, and blurbs. But it was with those three shady characters that I began my grown-up love affair with literature, and the thrill of engaging with its beautiful complexities — not just with narrative, but with language. This was different from what happened later, when my brother turned thirteen, and entered our bedroom with multicolored plastic squares in his hand.

    He looked uncomfortable but, I imagined, was secretly pleased. My brother spent his time outside, and so his social life was very different. With his child-actor looks, he was popular with the girls at a young age, and already had a succession of girlfriends all through high school. This was why he got the condom talk from my father. I never did. Not receiving the paternal blessing of prophylactics from my father made me resentful. My brother got a three-pack of condoms. What I got was a trio of dirty old men.

    My parents, almost unrecognizable, were among them. I had no idea they looked so cool. I was dumbfounded at the idea of my parents hosting these literary salons — with drinking and dancing! Whenever I feel a loss of identity or unhappy, it always accompanies me silently. It cannot speak any words, but I can feel its support and constant confidence to me. Let us trace back to 9 years ago to begin my story with basketball.

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    W hen I was 10 years old, it was my first time to watch the basketball game in NBA. Their perfect performance and the intensity competition that two teams presented, which deeply impressed me. In the end, I was not only gradually absorbed by this game, but I also took the action to experience this game — playing basketball.

    H owever, it was very hard for a year-old boy to play this game because I was too short to throw the ball into the high basket.