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Learn how to conduct online focus groups to generate insights needed to make quick and accurate business decisions! GroupQuality agile market research case studies. Non-profits are always in search of funding and spend a good portion of their energy seeking investors. A young, technology-focused non-profit within Austin's Independent School District was having difficulty communicating its value to potential investors.

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The group used the content to secure funding via grant applications and investor meetings. Emergent Technologies realized that before it repositioned itself and changed its sales collateral, presentations and web site it needed to develop a solid strategy based on objectivity and market research.

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VisionEdge Marketing helped to arm it with a positioning platform that precisely and strategically describes the company in a compelling manner that differentiates the firm from other VCs. Aligning Marketing to Business Results. Safe Systems is a national leader in providing IT solutions exclusively to financial institutions. Like many businesses, Safe Systems was faced with the challenge of shifting its business philosophy from a primarily small business opportunistic approach to a more strategic mid-sized company. The company created a vision and a plan for growth and realized the critical role marketing plays in the implementation of this growth plan.

This case study gives insight on how Winton Global Homes used our Outcome Based Mapping methodology to produce a customer-centric measurable marketing plan. Metrics Make YardSmarts Smarter.

This case study illustrates how VisionEdge Marketing assisted Briggs Stratton, an engine power products group, in creating a metrics framework to tie PR to business results. The case study reveals how the team shifted from media impressions as the primary measurement to metrics that provided insight into how a specific PR initiative affected the brand and sales.

This case study explains how the Elsevier Science and Technology product marketing organization used the VisionEdge Marketing process and training to professionalize their team and adopt a performance management approach. A key question for the team was how to measure their impact on the business. Learn how this team used a mapping process to ensure alignment between product marketing and the business and to identify metrics to monitor and measure performance and how the process has transformed the team into a strategic partner and best practice center.

This case study illustrates how VCON, a company that develops and manufacturers collaborative communication solutions, worked with VisionEdge Marketing to establish a key set of metrics that crossed markets and regions and served as the foundation for a marketing plan and budget the management team could evaluate based on business outcomes. Many companies are looking for business metrics and indicators they can use in marketing to assess not only their progress but also their strategic contribution. While closed-loop marketing metrics have their place in driving short term sales increments, companies also need strategic metrics that focus on long-term market position and out performing the competition.

If you are looking for metrics that show management how economic value and shareholder value are directly related to customer value, then this case study may be a good place to begin. NREL works with agencies and public and private organizations around the world to support the appropriate deployment of renewable energy technologies. To facilitate the adoption process of new energy technologies, entities known as Regional Resource Centers RRCs , serve on the front line to provide needed information and introduce new technologies to stakeholders. Learn how the process helped form clear linkages between what the company was trying to achieve and the work of Marketing.

Developing a Brand Strategy to Address Acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions continue to be commonplace in today's environment. Following a slew of mergers and acquisitions over just a few years, ETS-Lindgren, a testing and measurement company found itself managing a plethora of brand identities and value propositions. They realized they needed to simplify and consolidate their marketing efforts. As companies make marketing investments they often realize they need to improve their measurement systems accordingly. This was the case for Metrowerks, a software tools developer who wanted to renew their focus on metrics with an emphasis on better correlating their spending with results.

This case study outlines how VisionEdge Marketing helped HyPerformix establish objective data-driven criteria and use the process for analyzing and prioritizing customer and market segments. Learn how HyPerformix used the segmentation approach to improve conversion rates and reduce selling time.

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The case study outlines the process and describes how the model enables companies to evaluate market and customer segments along two axes: Accessibility and Opportunity. When the market changes a shift in business strategy may be required. This is the sole responsibility of the author s. Acknowledgment Include any acknowledgement right before the references section if applicable Referencing published research within text References to previously published research studies must in Harvard style.

Author s should make every effort to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency of each reference.

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Examples: — In a research study by ackoff ….. References to previously published research studies must in Harvard style. References should be arranged alphabetically without numbers. Keep one black line between each two references.


Please follow the examples below. Journal Articles Last name, initials.


Example: Articles with one author Ackoff, R L. Example: Articles with more than two authors. Fox, MS. Online Journals and websites Last name, initial s. Date published. Title of article. Available: URL. Example: Lorek, L. Bonini, C P. Edited Books.

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Trowbridge, P. James, D. Conference Paper. Jandos, J. What is it really? Copyright Notice. Open access journals are those that provide immediate and free access of all published full-text articles to interested readers around the world. Open access provide readers with the ability to view, save, print, copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt any published article without fee-based subscriptions. Open access publishing OAP can provide several benefits to participating authors. It helps in maximizing the dissemination and impact of research by making it available to all readers worldwide.

Further, recently published literature suggest that OAP increases the chance of more citations of the published work, which in turn can be translated into more recognition of research. More importantly, OAP promotes and encourages cumulative research and knowledge building worldwide by providing easy, enhanced, and accelerated access to research.