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By that we mean that if you have poor grades in English or low test scores on the SAT verbal section, it might be a bit suspicious if you submit a spectacularly written and polished essay. The extracurricular short answer should be related to one of your top activities.

The main essay is usually flexible. If you are very passionate about a particular academic area then it would be a great idea to write about an important aspect or inspiration related to your enthusiasm for the subject. However, you can also use the essay to display another aspect of your interests or personality. The most important point is to use this chance to give vibrancy to that admission file filled with statistics--GPA, test scores and recitations of activities and academic achievements.

Brainstorming tips for your college essay

College essays should not be a mere repetition of what already appears in other parts of the application. In fact, that would be a waste of time, space, and opportunity. The essay should reveal other aspects of the student's personality and interests or go into more depth about particularly meaningful experiences that may or may not have been alluded to in other parts of the application.


For instance, if an extracurricular activity, a job, a volunteer experience has been listed on the application form, and it has been a very important and pivotal experience in the student's development, it would be worthwhile to go into more detail within the essay about that activity, its value, and its impact on the student. It is important to consider how one can make oneself stand out in a positive way among the other many qualified applicants.

The college essay is there to give you a chance to share something about yourself, that didn't have a place in the rest of the application. Thus, the essay doesn't have to tie in to everything else you've listed. Maybe you'll share how you like to decorate cookies at the holidays, or how your dog makes you smile. There is no "right" topic, only a better way to convey your thoughts. Do NOT worry if you haven't traveled to Africa to feed the starving or discovered a new strain of bacteria, that may be why you are going to college. Just be yourself and share a piece of you that demonstrates your human-ness.

Must the essay tie into the rest of the application? More important is that you take advantage of the opportunity the essay provides to present yourself in your words, in your way.

How should the college essay tie into the rest of the application?

Be sure to respond to the prompt, but do so in a way that gives the reader a greater understanding of who you are and what you will bring to the community they are seeking to create. But I tried it, and it was successful! I did, and it was great. I like the whole concept of the company!

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What inspires strong emotion? Allow students who are gravitating toward stories that are particularly personal to work independently. Going further Students use the topics they generated in class to draft a college essay around the piece of advice they thought was the most useful.

The College Activity Essay–150 Very Important Words

Offer those students who are not satisfied with their topic some or all of the following 15 prompts to help them generate more ideas:. Students who are still stuck might benefit from looking at these personal writing ideas from The Times. Or they might make their own creative prompts. When students are finished drafting their essays, ask them to bring in their drafts for peer review. You might also suggest that students seek feedback from their school college counselor. Language Arts 1.

How To Approach The Activity Essay On Your College Applications

Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process 5. Uses the general skills and strategies of the reading process 7. Uses general skills and strategies to understand a variety of informational texts 8.

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Uses listening and speaking strategies for different purposes. Life Skills: Working With Others 1. Contributes to the overall effort of a group 4.

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Displays effective interpersonal communication skills. Behavioral Studies 1.

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Understands that group and cultural influences contribute to human development, identity and behavior 2. Understands various meanings of social group, general implications of group membership and different ways that groups function 3. Understands that interactions among learning, inheritance and physical development affect human behavior 4. Understands conflict, cooperation and interdependence among individuals, groups, and institutions.

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Arts and Communication 3. Uses critical and creative thinking in various arts and communication settings 4. Understands ways in which the human experience is transmitted and reflected in the arts and communication. OK, so if everyone took this advice, how does this not result in a bunch of the same essays submitted? Writing an essay can be challenging, especially when you have multiple assignments due at the same time.