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What makes an effective teacher?

It seems to be difficult to agree to the concrete definitions of teacher's introspective teaching practice. Shane proposed an introspective view by suggesting the concept of "reflection on behavior" and opposed professional behavior as a series of steps in the decision-making process. He believes that this view underestimates the artist's artistic nature. He said that experts could redesign the problem when studying the problem, test our explanation and solutions, and combine contemplation and action.

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Conversely, introspection in behavior is a reflection of practitioners developing new insights into uncertain, original or inconsistent practices from time to time. A comprehensive model of the teacher's reflection as a continuous professional development function and case description The reflection at every level contributes to the professional development of religious educators.

However, if teachers learn to contemplate at various levels as a function of career development, professional development will be greatly strengthened. This level of reflection integration will enable the four related objectives mentioned earlier in this study. First of all, a teacher who can effectively integrate the four levels of "introspective behavior" will approach "introspective behavior. To become a teacher is not as easy as many people think. Being a teacher means not only understanding the subjects to teach but also the willingness to improve your overall abilities overall and to update the materials and materials used in that education.

A way to reflect the best way to teach over and over and then analyze it and expand the knowledge students learned. The majority of the time spent in classes is sufficient to meet the administrative requirements of course planning, preparation of teaching materials, student assignment and exam review, and all the organizations we cooperate with It is not something.

In the literature on the review of teachers, aggressive personal qualities of professional development are rarely used. The starting point of reflection here is something like his early ALACT model, but supplementing it is a difficult problem, which brings a lot of heartache to the teacher.

Rather than eradicating the underlying cause of the problem, it focuses on what the teacher wants to achieve and the ability of the teacher to accomplish it. Then we will focus on the positive qualities that teachers can play calm, spontaneity, humor, etc. As with reflection at all levels, in order to effectively promote the development of professional capacity of religious educators, technical reflections need to be linked with reflections at other levels. When observing the teacher, he can report to colleagues and boss what happened in the class - this is a technical reflection.

However, afterwards, when conducting comprehensive evaluation and exchange of opinions with colleagues or superiors a more detailed explanation of reflection of conversation , the teacher compares and examines various perspectives, exchanges competing ideas, Change and integrate.

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However, observers and teachers should be aware that the degree of confidence in the relationship between the two and the level of safety of the observed teacher have a major impact on the will and ability to improve teachers through these experiences. Most people do not think that teaching is an important task. Please fail to understand that the teacher forms the future of our country. To make matters worse, some teachers do not recognize the importance of their work.

They do not understand that Japan needs more than just a series of rules to protect the avant - garde. Teachers must possess and demonstrate a variety of abilities demonstrating their ability to produce successful learning experiences. Teachers should learn successfully, attract interests and improve students' abilities and confidence Wiggins, Most people think effective teachers are the most important element for achieving quality education.

Unfortunately it is difficult to provide high quality teachers to all the students. Our public school system is facing a lack of teachers such as selected fields, STEM, special education, bilingual education, junior high school, high school, poor people. It is also difficult to hire a teacher that reflects the diversity of the student group.

For a while, the quality of teachers has been considered to be the most important variable for student's academic performance. As the school district imposes essential requirements on student test scores and overall academic performance it is becoming increasingly important to hire and maintain effective teachers. Larger classes will affect the ability to maintain effective teachers. The greater the class, the higher the likelihood of getting to another position. However, according to the survey, administrators usually do not reduce the class size and reward an effective teacher, but instead increase the class size of the more effective teacher to secure better student test scores I will.

Effective teaching and learning can not be done in classroom where management is inadequate. Regardless of the extent of class heterogeneity, effective teachers are effective for all grade students. If the teacher is invalid, under the supervision of the teacher, students will not make progress enough regardless of how similar or different the academic records are.

Effective Teaching As An Effective Teacher

According to the current survey, students who are listed as the most effective teacher classes can achieve about 52 percentage points per year. Students classified as the most inefficient teacher classes are expected to receive only about 14 percentage points per year. It is important to first define the term "target" to help the high school principal motivate the teacher by setting goals. The term target includes the meaning of many related terms such as objectivity, intention, purpose, goal, task, etc. Locke and Latham However, there are differences.

According to Locke and Latham , a goal can be defined as the purpose of action. It is what you want to achieve eventually after task completion or completion of action.

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For example, the principal's goal is to raise the fifth grade students of the NAPLAN exam to a level above the national average, and make more students attend school. That is, setting students and goals is as follows. While undue universal goals may not be achieved, it limits learning eg, if the objective is to understand the workings of the piston, students may not understand the relationship with other parts of the engine I do not think so. Goal, According to a study by John Hattie of the book Visible Learning, goal setting is one of the most influential students.

The magnitude of the effect is 0.

Likewise, administrators who set the teacher's goals can professionally train teachers using the same strong intervention. Teachers can do this on their own, but many of us are hoping to check our goals frequently to see if we are working on a specific benchmark. An effective teacher is a person who achieved a goal set by you or a goal set by another person Ministry of Education, Congressman, other government officials, school administrator, etc.

Sally Brown and Peter Knight in their book, Assessing Learners in Higher Education, caution against a conflation of the purposes of assessment its method. Brown and Knight, Indeed, feedback and discussion is the critical factor that distinguishes between formative and summative assessment. Below are a few common methods of assessment identified by Brown and Knight that can be implemented in the classroom.

The goal of implementing self-assessment in a course is to enable students to develop their own judgement. In self-assessment students are expected to assess both process and product of their learning. While the assessment of the product is often the task of the instructor, implementing student assessment in the classroom encourages students to evaluate their own work as well as the process that led them to the final outcome.

It enables students to develop transferable skills in other areas of learning that involve group projects and teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as leadership roles in the teaching and learning process.

Things to Keep in Mind about Self-Assessment. Peer assessment is a type of collaborative learning technique where students evaluate the work of their peers and have their own evaluated by peers.


This dimension of assessment is significantly grounded in theoretical approaches to active learning and adult learning. Things to Keep in Mind about Peer Assessment. According to Euan S. Henderson, essays make two important contributions to learning and assessment: the development of skills and the cultivation of a learning style. Henderson, Essays are a common form of writing assignment in courses and can be either a summative or formative form of assessment depending on how the instructor utilizes them in the classroom.

Examinations have traditionally been viewed as a gold standard of assessment in education, particularly in university settings. Like essays they can be summative or formative forms of assessment. As Brown and Knight assert, utilizing multiple methods of assessment, including more than one assessor, improves the reliability of data. However, a primary challenge to the multiple methods approach is how to weigh the scores produced by multiple methods of assessment.

When particular methods produce higher range of marks than others, instructors can potentially misinterpret their assessment of overall student performance.