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Without money, your choice will be limited. Another important reason why money is important is that money builds your school and money sends you there for education. People who are in poverty do not have a better chance to get into a better school or access to higher education. Furthermore, when you have excess money to spend, you can buy books, attend additional classes like a seminar or a workshop, pay to learn how to cook, how to invest, or how to do things better.

Love can be described as a feeling, an emotion, and also a way of life. The majority of people will think that love is the most important thing that is in life.

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While there are many facets and faces of love, you are going to discover how love is important and how it can affect your life here. This may seem like common sense, but it is and will always be the key to the functioning of society as a whole. As human beings, you possessed the ability to have an intimate connection and affectionate with another person. Nobody can escape from the feeling of love. Feelings and emotions are built in within our biological system, there is no way anyone can escape the feeling of affection and love.

It allows you to build an intimate relationship with others, it makes you feel complete, and to a certain extent, it is why people live in this world.

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There are plenty of cases whereby people can do something extraordinary and sacrifice without requesting anything in return for the people that they love. This simply shows that love is the most important thing in life, and not money. When you are in love with what you do and you are passionate, you will strive better and to perform better.

Essay About Love

This is also to say that people who are in love of their work, their career, their family, their partners, etc, tend to do better in life. People who have a family and love their family will want to do better to provide their family with a better quality of living. People who are in love will want to perform better for their partner too. Plus, if you are in love with your work and you are passionate about it, you will do your best to deliver extraordinary results.

In fact, love is the thing that created success, and hence, money. Love makes you complete and performs better. When you perform better, you become more successful. When you are successful, you get paid higher or you earn a better income, and you have more money. When you are in love, you feel inspired. It gives you a can-do attitude and you look at the world in a positive perspective. Love gives you motivation and you can tap into this energy source to achieve greater heights in life.

Studies after studies have proved that when people are feeling loved and grateful, their overall well-being will improve and are less likely to fall sick. When you are feeling loved, your biological system works better to improve your immunity. Besides that, love can make you feel happy.

And there are many benefits one can get from feeling happy. This is why love is the ultimate feeling that everyone is pursuing.

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There is no way you can live in this world alone. You will feel empty and live in depression. Humans are creatures who desire to live in groups. Since Stone Age, humans have gathered together and lived in groups. You simply cannot live by yourself. You need to depend on others and get the support from other people to live and to thrive. We all know that the desire to love and care for others is a hard-wired and deep-seated because the fulfillment of this desire enhances our happiness levels.

In other words, when we feel loved, we are more willing to help others. And when we help others, we make ourselves feel better. Participants are then asked to either spend the money on themselves or on others. Those who spent the money on others experienced a higher level of happiness than those who spent the money on themselves. What is more interesting is that the amount of money spent on others did not make a difference to the happiness level. This is why when you are feeling loved, you will be more likely to give a helping hand to those who are in need.

Love can reveal a lot about ourselves that we may not have already known. This is because when you are in love with others, you reveal a lot about your tastes, preferences, morality, habits, and reactions to the other person. As a result, this also allows you to better understand yourself. Furthermore, love also makes you a better version of yourself. When you are in love, you will be nice to everyone, you will appreciate everything that is happening in your life, and you will be more willing to help. Apart from that, your loves will make you fearless.

The things that you fear will disappear when you are in love. You know you have your own personal cheerleader in your corner to help you with whatever is needed. If you are in a happy relationship, you know that your partner is always there to support you. You will feel great when you are home or be with your lover despite going through a tough day.

By now, you should understand that both money and love are important in life. After you have read through the information given above, you should know that love and money have their own functions in life and why we need both in order to thrive. Perhaps, we should love and money like our hands and our legs. Do you think that your legs are more important?

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Or your hands are more important? Probably, both hands and legs are important and you definitely do not want to lose any of them. The same can be said for love and money. Both can be important in their own way to make our life work. Money should not be the main objective of your relationship. And financial success usually comes as a result of a partnership that works, from love. That is why it is important to have both money and love. And you need to learn how to make both works for you in life.

Every time you do something for the sole reason of earning money, you will feel empty inside. And every time you do not have money, you will feel depressed and life can be tough. Money is not the objective of a relationship, but often, money will affect the relationship in its own way.

Always remember that money is a tool. Without money, you will miss out a lot of opportunities and you will lose your freedom to make things happen. On the other hand, with money, you can help people and make your dreams a reality. Want to travel the world? With money, you can easily make this dream come true.

Thus, money is a tool.

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You must learn how to use this tool wisely. Instead of letting money to control your life and your relationship, learn to make it work. Learn to control your money and grow it. Money is responsible for the creation of innovative products and companies. Money is required to help and feed those who are in need. And please understand that money is not evil, but greed is. The money will not turn you into a bad guy. The money will only reveal more of who you already are. For example, if a kind-hearted person becomes rich, he will do more good, donate to charity and help those who are in need.

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Oppositely, if a bad person becomes rich, he will use the money to fulfill all his bad ideas. Therefore, money is neither good nor bad. Money is just a tool that can help you realize your inner desire.

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  8. And when you learn to master money and learn to grow it, you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams. You have heard countless of times that success gurus and people who have accomplished extraordinary results in life always mentioned that love and passion are important. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.