Essay on my favourite story book character

But what exactly is greatness and how do does one attain it? To be great we must ask ourselves:. Do I love what I am doing?

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Is what I am doing the best use of my time? Are my choices rational — are they increasing my happiness by being in line with my goals or are they hindering my progress? It is through a commitment to greatness that epic stories are born. I have to become the characters that were the role models of my life.

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  6. I want to become great by creating value. This value may come in the form of an exceptional product or service, a paradigm changing system, a piece of art or writing… It could potentially be anything.

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    The act of creating is what matters to me. For it is through pouring myself into my creative work that I hope to build my legend. O ne essential question remains regarding my outlook on life: why? Plenty of people are captivated by stories but not many decide that they want to become the hero of their own story. Most people accept humble goals and choose to follow a well worn path. I want the bang for my buck. I see life in very much the same way.

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    Before existence there is a terrible, vast, chasm of nonexistence where we have no evidence to support that we experience anything. I believe we return to the same state of nonexistence once we die.

    My favourite book character

    Therefore, life is an incredibly fleeting moment of experience between two eternities of nothingness. I have chosen a life that demands more effort and conscious thought than most because I believe that life is finite.

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    I want to spend my moment on Earth adventuring. Everyday is the opportunity for a new experience and the next page of a novel that must eventually come to an end. Each page, each paragraph, each line, each word, each syllable, must have impact.

    Sign in. Get started. My Life as a Protagonist. Gina Arnold Follow. If you liked this essay, then you might like: Greatness is Choosing to Live. I Want The Autotelic Life. I stepped into the mildew speckled shower under the staircase with a clenched jaw.

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    This is a collection for general writing, thinking, and opinions. Write the first response. Alice resembles small girls who are curious and believe in wonders until they grow. This books is about many adventures. It was very interesting for me, especially the beginning: "One hot summer day Alice and her sister were sitting on the grass. Alice did not know what to do and she was ready to sleep. Suddenly she saw a Rabbit. He was in big hurry and said: Oh, I am going to be late! Alice ran after the rabbit and fell in the hole. She was falling very slowly and saw many interesting things on the walls.

    go here Suddenly, she fell on the ground and that is where her adventures began. Background: Mako, Japan Many versions of this story can be purchased at Amazon.