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Did you know some people including your teachers will read your introduction, skip to your conclusion, and only then look at your body text? In a recent post, we discussed how to prepare a thesis statement.

We came up with this one:. We also looked at the moral reasons, and theorized these were highlighted by president Woodrow Wilson to gain extra support for the war effort.

They may have been real enough, but we argue they were secondary to the provocation and threats we mentioned in our thesis. Now we have to tie up all the points. With German submarines attacking and sinking US commercial shipping, and even passenger liners such as the Lusitania , the need to enter the war became more urgent.

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The Zimmerman telegram, which offered support to Mexico should it embark on a war with the US confirmed that Germany did not respect US neutrality, and indeed posed a direct threat to US territorial integrity. Although there were other factors that contributed to the decision, it was these two issues that finally tipped the balance. Each subsection of the essay may have had a mini-conclusion of its own showing why the information was included and how I think it contributes to the argument presented in my thesis.

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Each paragraph should reinforce the thesis statement and match the order of the main points from the thesis statement. Example Thesis Statement: The recommended format for forming a well-organized essay includes a thesis statement, proper paragraph structure, and a well-formed conclusion. For more information, contact the Writing Center.

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enter Download Paragraph Structure and Unity Handout. The sentence may also transition from the previous paragraph, but only one transition sentence is necessary in each paragraph.

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Body Sentences: The goal of the body sentences is to explore the topic sentence. These sentences can vary in number depending on what the paragraph is about. Suggestions for Improving Paragraph Structure: Develop strong main points that support your thesis statement.

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Brainstorm ideas and evidence to support the main point of the paragraph s. Identify the main point of each paragraph within the topic sentence.