Reflective essay writing style

Please, keep in mind that these essays are typically long because apart from describing events, you should also draw a lesson. However, it can be quite a challenge sometimes as not everyone is capable of doing it having a limit of or words. Students frequently make the same mistake - they start working on their essays without spending time on the preliminary stage.

Alternatively stated, they don't feel they should make a plan or create a draft if they describe a real-life situation. In very deed, they are mistaken because they should always follow a reflective essay structure. This assignment has a purpose which consists of teaching students to analyze their experience in writing. Therefore, this paper should not just be a chaotic thought stream, but a properly structured and clearly conveyed presentation of your ideas.

How to Write a Reflective Essay With Sample Essays

It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced writer or a total newbie - you should always come up with a plan and stick to it to the letter while writing. Please, don't neglect this recommendation because it will help you avoid making silly mistakes and significantly increase your writing proficiency.

If you want to keep things organized and really look forward to boosting your chances of getting good grades you can't start covering the topic without a balanced plan. Don't want to get lost in a stream of your ideas?

Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay

Why not come up with a reflective essay outline? Think of it as a map, guiding you through the main points of your essay and saving your precious time. It also serves as a last reminder which will give you a timely heads-up whenever you forget to do something important. We won't reinvent the wheel here because as with any other essay type, you will need to create a strong introductory part first.

In other words, you should create a thesis statement which presents the general idea of your paper manner. Your ultimate goal here is to make sure that whoever reads your introduction gets 'hooked' on it. The reflective essay introduction should be short but gripping.

Make sure to make up a clear central idea you want to develop in your writing. The teacher will assess your introduction writing skills through your ability to formulate the reflective essay thesis statement using several short but intriguing sentences. Some students consider creating the central paragraphs the most complicated task. However, if you created an outline in advance, you won't face any problems doing that because it will help you not to get lost along the way.

This task differs from the descriptive essay in this that you need to describe all the events in chronological sequence. You should also make sure that your body paragraphs are appropriately focused, your primary objective is not to just describe your personal experience but provide an in-depth analysis of it.

Specify whether this situation influenced your life or changed your belief system in any way. There should also be a definite conclusion drawn by this situation which will leave the reader with a sense of completion. The key purpose of this task is not only to teach you how to express your ideas in writing but also to highlight your personality. It will let your tutor and core audience see how you behave in different situations and how you deal with the challenges life presents you.

Writing a reflection

Writing the concluding part is the easiest task especially when you create a reflective essay. You shouldn't mention the details of the events you referred to in the body paragraphs but instead let the reader know whether this situation changed your attitude toward life, influenced your behavior in any way or improved your problem-solving skills.

Depending on what situation you describe positive or negative , you should summarize all ideas once again. Keep in mind that your teacher will also be reading the concluding part because they will want to check your ability to conclude and set forth ideas briefly and succinctly. On average, the end section should have no more than a few sentences. Refrain from making it too long, because its primary mission is to draw a conclusion and it shouldn't take a few paragraphs.

So, what should you do if your teacher wants you to write a reflective essay? Even if you haven't done this before, don't just start lamenting your fate at once. In fact, all you need to do is describe a real-life situation which happened to you - it's as simple as that. However, if you are swamped with other tasks or your part-time job gets in the way, you can always retain services of a custom writing service.

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What’s Included?

First of all, try to gather your thoughts together in one-two sentences; it will be the key point of your writing. After that you have to decide why these thoughts come to your mind, if there are some special moments or association, write down them. For example, you can note some visual and auditory associations, write out quotes from books or articles that impressed you the most. A good practice to organize your impressions and associations is to draw schemes and tables. Ask questions to get more details.

You are writing about your own experience, for that reason you have to focus on those questions which have arisen in your mind when you perceived new information. You should reflect on your personality. If you aim to write about some book, ask yourself what episode you like the most, what problems are the main ones, what important social, emotional, cultural issues are raised.

The number of such questions may be extremely long. Create a reflective essay outline. It is extremely significant thing for such papers, as it helps to create a map of the paper, determine essential ideas and make the process of writing much easier. Write briefly. Usually the number of words in the paper varies between and , but your instructor can change it.

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